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      Plastic suction nozzle why choose Changxin packing?

      1, Guangzhou Changxin packing material Co., renamed in December 21, 2007, is a company with advanced technical level of modernization of flexible packaging and plastic straw (plastic suction nozzle) manufacturers. The company is located in the economically developed, commercial atmosphere rich Guangdong provincial capital -- Guangzhou, the geographical position is superior, the downtown and Baiyun International Airport only 5 minutes by car, traffic is very convenient.

      2, we are a highly specialized enterprises, technical team has complete sets of advanced production equipment and high-quality, mainly for the production of plastic straw soft packing bag heat-sealed can carry various liquid, paste, powder, granules and other products (nozzle) and cover series, the current production of plastic suction nozzle (straw) series, product variety, specifications from 4mm-33mm in diameter, can be widely used in detergent industry (laundry detergent, softener...), food (drink, can suck jelly, yogurt, condiments, glucose, jam...), chemical industry (glass water, oil, hair care products, cosmetics, medicine, agriculture and...) and many other fields;

      3, we also produce plastic products, and according to customer requirements, production of various plastic products use and performance. And for the flexible packaging enterprises to provide bag, welding nozzle (suction nozzle welding) and other supporting value-added service;

      4, to 'speak often, steady character' constraints, cultivation of our company and ordinary letter - words and deeds of standards and training.

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