•   自立袋焊嘴加工,嘴袋啤嘴加工  
    Bag       type :
    Stand Up Bag
    Cover     models :
    Cover    material :
    The  lid  aperture :
    Peel     strength :
    Compressive strength :
    Material and thickness :
         Self-reliance nozzle bag, Penguin package combines stand-up pouch and Penguin package has the advantages of good standing, and excellent display centralized and unified in this package. At present, more and more products and industrial fields with vertical nozzle bags, Penguin package as packaging products, it has become PET bottles, cans and other packaging tetra brick, the strong competitor.Ordinary letter packaging is a professional production of flexible packaging upright mouth bag company. Upright mouth bag than traditional packaging, environmental protection, energy saving, novel appearance. In moisture, oxygen insulation, shading, printing fidelity is other packaging products can not match. Since the vertical mouth bag into the people's vision, it has its unique advantage of the world's leading packaging new trend.Made of PET/AL/PA/PE composite bag, not only has four kind of materials have unique excellent performance, and also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection as a finished product, appearance, saving transportation and warehousing cost characteristics.
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